4 Tips For Keeping Your Hearing Aids Dry During A Workout

Participating in school sports or working out in the gym causes your body to generate a good amount of sweat. If you are wearing anything in your ears like earphones or hearing aids then this can lead to problems with moisture. Playing sports, running on the road, or biking without your hearing aids can often be dangerous. Therefore, it is not recommended to perform outdoor activities without them unless you are in a controlled environment. As a result, there are a few tips you can use to keep your hearing aids dry during a workout.

Use a Dry Caddy

A dry caddy is a portable version of a dry kit. Both dry kits and caddies are designed to remove any excess moisture from your hearing aid. The caddy can be used effectively between workouts. Also, while playing sports you can wait till the designated break times and dry out your hearing aids. The caddy comes in a small container that sucks out any excess moisture from your hearing aid.

Use Rubber Attachments

You can purchase rubber attachments that slide over the ear portion of your hearing aid. These attachments are water resistant and are designed to protect your hearing aid from moisture, dirt, and other external elements.  

Workout with Sweatbands

Much of the moisture from your hearing aids comes from your head. As the sweat drips down your face and neck, it makes its way towards your ear. You can avoid exposing your hearing aids to this additional moisture by wearing sweat bands. People traditionally wear sweat bands to catch the sweat before it hits their face. However, you can also use it to catch the sweat before it comes into contact with your hearing aid.

Wear a Skull Cap for Sweat

A skullcap works similarly to sweatbands except it covers your entire head. If you are a heavy sweater, then a skullcap may work better for you than a sweatband. The cap is lightweight and is designed to quickly remove any excess moisture from your body. The cap is created with a mesh material that allows for proper ventilation. Any sweat and moisture on your head dries up before it has a chance to drip down your body.

The only way to keep your hearing aids completely dry during a workout is by working out without them. However, since this is not always an option you can use these tips to ensure that your hearing aids remain dry during your workout. For more information, talk to a professional like Pacific Hearing Care.