Top Things To Know About Buying Parts For Your Computed Radiography Equipment

If your medical facility or veterinary facility uses computed radiography (CR) equipment, there might end up being a time when your equipment will break down and will need replacement parts in order to be repaired. If you are in this situation now or just want to get prepared for this type of situation, then you may want to learn a little more about the process of buying parts for computed radiography equipment. [Read More]

Choosing A Refrigerated Incubator: What To Consider

A refrigerated incubator that maintains a consistent temperature can be crucial to your research or experiments in a lab. If you expect to purchase an incubator in the next few weeks, you need to buy an appliance that is both trustworthy and useful. You'll need to think about the following so you don't regret your purchase. Temperature Range All incubators hold the promise of keeping things at a certain temperature. However, when you're the person responsible for choosing a new incubator, your immediate concern should be on the range of temperatures an incubator can reach. [Read More]

Three Scenarios Where You'll Want to Rent a Stair Lift

When you visit a local stairlift supplier to learn about your options, they'll often ask you whether you plan to buy or rent the stairlift. Purchasing a stairlift makes sense to a lot of people. For example, if you're elderly and you don't get around as easily as you used to but you still want to live independently, owning the unit is a good decision. There are scenarios, however, in which a short-term rental can be a sensible choice. [Read More]

3 Things You Should Look into Before Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment for Your Dermatology Office

Buying used or refurbished medical equipment for your dermatology office is a great way to save money while still acquiring quality brands and supplies. Many medical equipment and supplies dealers specialized in refurbished equipment, which is equipment that has been returned to the manufacturer for various reasons and then restored to like-new working condition for a new owner to enjoy. Since refurbished medical equipment is used, you can get it for a great price while still enjoying like-new benefits. [Read More]