4 Tips For Keeping Your Hearing Aids Dry During A Workout

Participating in school sports or working out in the gym causes your body to generate a good amount of sweat. If you are wearing anything in your ears like earphones or hearing aids then this can lead to problems with moisture. Playing sports, running on the road, or biking without your hearing aids can often be dangerous. Therefore, it is not recommended to perform outdoor activities without them unless you are in a controlled environment. [Read More]

How To Make A Platform Swing

If you know that your child needs additional sensory stimulation in order to make sure that he or she is able to activate his or her neural system and develop, then you might want to consider getting a platform swing. Platform swings are excellent for doing this because they provide an area where children can prop themselves up on their elbows while lying on their stomachs. When the swing moves, your child will be able to experience that sensation and focus him or herself. [Read More]