The Importance of Biocompatibility

With the progress that is being made in science and medicine everyday, understanding the safety of what is inserted into you during procedures is incredibly important. Biocompatibility refers to the ability of a compound or device to perform its duties within the host without issuing a hostile response. It is nearly impossible to talk in terms of purely how the material performs in any situation. Similarly, one cannot describe how well a device works based solely on how it performs in relation to one tissue type, as anything that a device is going to be integrated with will have several cell types. [Read More]

Three Tips For Staying Safe On Your New Mobility Scooter

If you've been dealing with mobility challenges, getting a scooter can quickly augment your quality of life. You'll now be able to cruise the neighborhood, visit the local shopping centers and, in general, enjoy getting out and about in a manner that might have eluded you for several years. The change, however, can require a bit of an adjustment period. Although the staff at the medical equipment supply store will run through of the few rules for using your new scooter, keeping these three rules in mind can help keep you safer. [Read More]

A Guide To Donating Your Used Medical Equipment

Whether it's a pair of crutches, a wheelchair, walker, cane, or bed hoist, medical equipment can be quite costly. If you have some used medical equipment that's still in excellent shape, you can donate it to people or organizations in need. Before you load up your vehicle with your unneeded medical items, read these tips to help you donate it properly and give it to the right people. Do An Inspection [Read More]

Two Things You Should Do To Improve Your Life When You Have Sleep Apnea

If you have sleep apnea, you already know how tiring and scary it can be. Not only does the condition mean that you stop breathing at different points during the night, it can also lead to serious health conditions such as heart disease. Here are some things you can do to better cope and improve your life when you have sleep apnea. Eat a Healthy Diet You may not make an immediate connection between what you eat and your inability to sleep at night, but making sure that your diet is healthy is important when you have sleep apnea. [Read More]