How Brain Performance Testing Is Conducted

Assessing a patient's cognitive health is critical in diagnosing a neurological disease or a medical condition. Brain performance testing is a cognitive testing procedure that measures a person's reaction time, memory, language, attention span, and perception. Brain Performance Tests A brain performance test is non-invasive in nature. It may involve answering questions that are typed on a paper or completing questions that are featured on a computerized test. Computerized testing is becoming more common, due to the accuracy that this type of testing provides. [Read More]

Six Reasons You Might Want To Give Virtual Reality Pain Management A Try

Patients who are struggling with pain due to a medical procedure or condition may be able to benefit from virtual reality pain management. The following are six reasons why you might want to give virtual reality pain management a try.  You don't have to worry about interactions with other medications. Virtual reality pain management can help patients deal with pain without having to resort to painkillers that will interact with other supplements or medications. [Read More]

Top Things To Know About Buying Parts For Your Computed Radiography Equipment

If your medical facility or veterinary facility uses computed radiography (CR) equipment, there might end up being a time when your equipment will break down and will need replacement parts in order to be repaired. If you are in this situation now or just want to get prepared for this type of situation, then you may want to learn a little more about the process of buying parts for computed radiography equipment. [Read More]

Choosing A Refrigerated Incubator: What To Consider

A refrigerated incubator that maintains a consistent temperature can be crucial to your research or experiments in a lab. If you expect to purchase an incubator in the next few weeks, you need to buy an appliance that is both trustworthy and useful. You'll need to think about the following so you don't regret your purchase. Temperature Range All incubators hold the promise of keeping things at a certain temperature. However, when you're the person responsible for choosing a new incubator, your immediate concern should be on the range of temperatures an incubator can reach. [Read More]