A Guide To Donating Your Used Medical Equipment

Whether it's a pair of crutches, a wheelchair, walker, cane, or bed hoist, medical equipment can be quite costly. If you have some used medical equipment that's still in excellent shape, you can donate it to people or organizations in need. Before you load up your vehicle with your unneeded medical items, read these tips to help you donate it properly and give it to the right people.

Do An Inspection

Take a close look at all of the medical equipment you plan to donate, and make sure each piece is still in good working order. Look for loose screws or bolts and check to make sure that wheelchairs are in good, safe working condition. You don't want to give away something that could possibly break or cause injury to someone else. Clean all of your items thoroughly before you donate them by wiping them down with a soft cloth using antibacterial soap and water. The cleaner your items are, the faster they can be given to someone else in need since the organization won't need to use their time and resources to have them cleaned.

Choose Your Donor Recipient

A wide variety of organizations are happy to accept used medical equipment. Some of these organizations include veteran's clinics or hospitals, elderly care facilities, and children's charities. Call ahead to find out which places accept this kind of equipment and let them know specifically what you have available. Some places will take a walker but may not be able to accept motorized wheelchairs, for example. If you cannot find a charity to donate to, contact your local hospital which may be able to point you in the right direction.


There are plenty of excellent benefits to donating items you no longer use. You will be eligible for a tax write-off that can hep increase your annual tax deduction amount. Make sure the organization can provide you with a receipt so you'll be able to keep it on file. Another great benefit is that you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping others in need and that you're not adding to more trash in the local landfill. You will also feel good that you're helping to contribute to more sustainable and affordable health care for all. If used medical equipment has been taking up space in your home, you're also getting more room as an added bonus. Donating your unneeded medical equipment is a great way to help others who can use those tools to assist them with their medical needs.