Three Tips For Staying Safe On Your New Mobility Scooter

If you've been dealing with mobility challenges, getting a scooter can quickly augment your quality of life. You'll now be able to cruise the neighborhood, visit the local shopping centers and, in general, enjoy getting out and about in a manner that might have eluded you for several years. The change, however, can require a bit of an adjustment period. Although the staff at the medical equipment supply store will run through of the few rules for using your new scooter, keeping these three rules in mind can help keep you safer.

Approach Changes In Grade Head-On

Whether you're cruising around your neighborhood or you've taken your scooter to a nearby mall to help you move from store to store with ease, you might occasionally encounter changes in the grade of the ground. In the street, these are especially common where the sidewalk slopes down to the road or to a driveway. When you wish to navigate over these slopes, it's imperative that you approach them head-on. For example, if there's a wide, sloping ramp at the mall, position your scooter square to the ramp before beginning your ascent. If you drive up a grade change on an angle, there's a chance that you'll tip over. While the center of gravity of the scooter itself is low, your weight above the scooter could pull it over onto its side.

Be Conscientious Around Pedestrians

Cruising along the sidewalk in your community keeps you safe from the dangers of the road but you have to keep in mind that you're sharing the sidewalk with pedestrians. Always stay to the right of the sidewalk and don't assume that you have the right of way. If you approach someone from behind, pull out to pass when it's safe. Make sure that you reduce your speed appropriately as you catch up to the pedestrian. Also, make sure that you make eye contact or a verbal exchange with anyone you are trying to pass–that way, you know that they realize that you are trying to pass them.

Make Yourself As Visible As Possible

Increasing your visibility is paramount whether you're traveling at night or during the day. Your local medical equipment supply can provide you with a variety of safety accessories that enhance others' ability to see you. These include reflective stickers to place on the front, back and sides of your scooter, a tall flag to mount on the back of the machine and even lights to operate when you're riding at night. 

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