Recovering From A Broken Leg

Breaking a leg is fairly common. You no doubt know people who have suffered from this injury and watched as they struggled to regain full mobility. If you suffer from this injury, you can help speed your recovery by following certain steps.

Initial Treatment

Despite innovations in care, you will still likely need a cast, although you may have to endure a few procedures before that happens. If the bones are out of alignment, your doctor will have to perform a "reduction," putting your bones back in place. In some instances, you may have to have surgery to have rods and screws applied to shattered bones. 


Although many casts are still made out of plaster, breakthroughs have been made in cast technology. One of the most promising is the 3D printed cast, one that can be created in hours especially for your particular break. These are less bulky and easier for you to endure for an extended healing period. In some instances, you may be able to wear a special boot instead of having a cast applied. You should ask your doctor about alternatives to the traditional cast to make your recovery period less uncomfortable and encourage you to move more, something that is key to maintaining your health. If you can avoid bulky, itchy plaster, do so. 


Fortunately, crutches have become more user-friendly over the years, transitioning to much lighter and easier to manage models. However, you still must use them properly to keep weight off your leg and speed your healing. Experts say that the tops of the crutches need to be around one to two inches under your armpits while the grips need to be aligned with your hips. Your weight should be carried by your hands and not your underarms to avoid nerve damage. 

Weight Bearing

Even when you have crutches, you may be tempted to do without them. After all, you are just going to the kitchen, so hopping over there shouldn't be a problem. However, you need to keep weight completely off your leg for some time to aid healing. Even when you are cleared to walk without your crutches, you need to limit the weight on your leg until you've fully regained your bone strength, something that may take up to a year. Jumping back on roller skates is not recommended.

If you break a leg, you can make the recovery period shorter and less unpleasant by following the above steps and having access to handicapped equipment and supplies. Do ask your doctor about breakthroughs in cast and crutch technology and let yourself heal. You can get back on your feet, and legs, quickly.