3 Things You Should Look into Before Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment for Your Dermatology Office

Buying used or refurbished medical equipment for your dermatology office is a great way to save money while still acquiring quality brands and supplies. Many medical equipment and supplies dealers specialized in refurbished equipment, which is equipment that has been returned to the manufacturer for various reasons and then restored to like-new working condition for a new owner to enjoy. Since refurbished medical equipment is used, you can get it for a great price while still enjoying like-new benefits. Here are three things you should look into prior to buying any refurbished medical equipment, such as surgical lights and tables, for your dermatology office.

Price compared to new

When buying any used medical equipment, always compare the refurbished price to the brand-new cost of the same model or one that is similar. While this shouldn't happen often, you may find that a like-new surgical table (or other piece of equipment) is the same price or higher than its new counterpart. This can be due to the equipment having more features or add-ons or can simply be due to its never-opened or used condition. Knowing the fair price for a used unit versus a new one can become a bargaining tool to get a brand-new piece of equipment at a better rate or a used one for much cheaper.


Just because something is refurbished doesn't mean it comes without flaws. While manufacturers test all medical equipment and supplies for functionality and operation, you want to make sure whatever you buy comes with a reasonable warranty. This way, if the used appliance or equipment fails to operate as it should, you can have it replaced or repaired under warranty from the manufacturer without issue. Even a hanging surgery light can be very expensive, so you want the protection of a warranty to give you the working product you paid for.

Customer assistance

Many dealers provide excellent customer service to their clients in the form of web chats, phone services, and more. When buying used medical equipment for your dermatology office, you want to make sure you can reach someone in the event your tables or lights fail to work as they should or that you have questions about assembly. Before you buy medical supplies from anyone, ask about their customer-assistance programs to make sure you can reach an associate when you need to.

In buying refurnished medical equipment, you can save a lot of money that you can put elsewhere in your dermatology office. Choose a company that carries excellent warranties on their products, offers great customer services, and offers competitive prices so you can always get a great deal on what you buy.

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