Top Things To Know About Buying Parts For Your Computed Radiography Equipment

If your medical facility or veterinary facility uses computed radiography (CR) equipment, there might end up being a time when your equipment will break down and will need replacement parts in order to be repaired. If you are in this situation now or just want to get prepared for this type of situation, then you may want to learn a little more about the process of buying parts for computed radiography equipment. These are some of the top things that you will probably want to know.

Refurbished Parts Are An Option

You might assume that in order to purchase good-quality parts for your computed radiography equipment, you will need to purchase brand new parts. However, this might not be the case at all. Instead, you do have the option in many cases to look for refurbished parts. As long as the parts were refurbished by the parts manufacturer or another trusted company, you should be able to count on these computed radiography machine parts to be just as good as brand new parts. However, the upside is that they are typically significantly cheaper than equivalent brand new parts. Since buying parts for medical equipment can be expensive, being able to save money in this way can be a good thing.

Aftermarket Parts Might Be Available

You might also assume that you will need to purchase original equipment manufacturer parts for your computed radiography equipment, whether you are purchasing new or refurbished parts. Some people prefer to do this when possible, but there are aftermarket parts that are compatible with many popular computed radiography machines, and these aftermarket parts can sometimes be easier to find and can sometimes be more affordable. Before you make your purchase, compare both aftermarket and original manufacturer parts.

Warranties Can Be Helpful

Many people realize that computed radiography equipment often comes with a warranty but don't know if their own equipment is still under warranty. If it is, you may not have to pay for the parts that your machine needs. If you do have to pay for parts, consider looking for parts that have their own warranty so that you will be covered.

Professional Installation is Usually Suggested

Although you might think that you can swap out a simple part on your CR equipment yourself in order to save time, trouble, and money that might be required to hire a professional, hiring a professional is usually suggested to avoid damaging your sensitive and delicate medical equipment and in order to get it up and running properly.

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