Choosing A Refrigerated Incubator: What To Consider

A refrigerated incubator that maintains a consistent temperature can be crucial to your research or experiments in a lab. If you expect to purchase an incubator in the next few weeks, you need to buy an appliance that is both trustworthy and useful. You'll need to think about the following so you don't regret your purchase.

Temperature Range

All incubators hold the promise of keeping things at a certain temperature. However, when you're the person responsible for choosing a new incubator, your immediate concern should be on the range of temperatures an incubator can reach. Perhaps you're studying a certain kind of cell now; in a few months, a lab partner could be studying different cells or cultures. Therefore, when picking an incubator, be mindful and select an incubator that has the broadest range available, if your budget allows.


Even if you have a very small lab, thinking of the future is important. You may be able to store a few samples in a small incubator, but what if researchers in your lab need more space in the future? Larger models typically cost more but don't discount them unless you're sure that your lab will only ever need smaller incubators.

Used Models

Used models could be worth thinking about if your budget isn't going to cover the newest incubators on the market. Often, older models are just as capable and come at significant cost savings. 

Ease of Finding Parts

Over time, it's possible that your incubator parts will fail. That is the normal wear and tear associated with most appliances. Expect that you'll need to replace parts over time and start looking for places that have incubator parts. Avoid buying incubator brands that don't have easy-to-find parts.


Another way to be smart when buying a refrigerated incubator is to check out warranties before you buy. Does the incubator warranty include parts? How long does the incubator warranty stay in place? Look for warranties that will give you adequate protection.


Lastly, do a casual search of the incubators you're considering buying. Be mindful of negative reviews or problems that seem to be common. Look for good reviews of incubators to have a list of incubators that might work for your needs.

Refrigerated incubators are essential appliances for any lab. When your own laboratory finds itself in need of an incubator, ensure you're considering the above suggestions to make a purchase that is both smart and practical.

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