Three Scenarios Where You'll Want to Rent a Stair Lift

When you visit a local stairlift supplier to learn about your options, they'll often ask you whether you plan to buy or rent the stairlift. Purchasing a stairlift makes sense to a lot of people. For example, if you're elderly and you don't get around as easily as you used to but you still want to live independently, owning the unit is a good decision. There are scenarios, however, in which a short-term rental can be a sensible choice. If you're curious about your options, here are just three scenarios that suggest you may want to rent your stairlift.

1. An Elderly Loved One Will Be Living With You

There are plenty of scenarios in which an elderly family member will be living in your home for a short period of time. For example, maybe your parent is waiting for a room at a local retirement or nursing home to come available and will be staying with you for a period of weeks or even months. If this individual struggles to safely get up and down the stairs, renting a stairlift for the duration of their stay with you is a good idea.

2. A Child Has Suffered a Sports Injury

If you have children who are enrolled in sports, you hope that they never suffer any serious injuries. Unfortunately, no matter the sport, your child could still suffer a wide range of injuries, including issues that can temporarily limit a child's mobility. If your child has a broken ankle or leg, they'll likely be on crutches for weeks. This can make navigating the stairs in your home challenging and even dangerous. A short-term rental of a stairlift will ensure that your child can get up and down the stairs safely.

3. You've Had a Stroke

Patients' prognoses can differ considerably following a stroke. Some people will only make partial recoveries, which means that they'll deal with mobility challenges on an indefinite basis. If you're facing this scenario, buying a stairlift is advisable. However, if you've had a relatively minor stroke and your physician indicates that you should make a full recovery, you might favor renting this device. You'll appreciate its ability to help you navigate your home as you're going through post-stroke physical therapy to regain your strength and ability to walk.

Whether you wish to rent or buy a stairlift, a local indoor stairlift supplier can suggest many options for you.